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Pondering the ways in which one can be Mormon but not be Mormon enough.

Every now and then…

on 10 October 2015

….scattered in among the pictures of adorable kittens and puppies and ducks and horses and sunsets and new shoes and babies and all the other things that make us feel life is worth living, someone will post something to FB that gets my attention because it fits so beautifully with the original theme of this blog: What Good Have You Done Today?

I’ve been preoccupied all week with this new book launch, and had intended for today’s post here to discuss how Fool Me Once (Free through Sunday – click here: Yup – right here! ) fits in with the WGHYDT theme (because it does, but it may take some careful looking for you to see it), but after I read the article here (Who is the white man in that photo?) about Peter Norman and his amazing, unheralded, scorned sacrifice, I decided my other discussion can wait for a couple of days  This is more important.

It’s not terribly unusual to find people doing good things for others that don’t cost them much, don’t bring them harm, and may in fact bring them attention and accolades for generosity or heroics. It is much more rare, however, to meet someone like Peter Norman, who just quietly went about his business, made a spur-of-the-moment decision that was in line with his personal ethics, and then stuck by it for the rest of his life because it was the right thing to do.  That decision cost him dearly, and yet he never reversed his course or caved in to the bullies who called him a traitor. How many of us would do what he did and stand in solidarity with the oppressed? That we are still fighting over civil rights, and race issues, and equaity now, nearly fifty years later tells me the answer is still “not nearly enough.”

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

What Good Have You Done Today?



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